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Looking for Vaal River Property to Rent? Various affordable rental properties available from Rosslee!

If you are searching for your dream home in the Vanderbijlpark area, take a minute to look at some of the beautiful Vaal River Property to rent available from Rosslee Properties. If you thought that you will never be able to afford to stay in a beautiful Vaal River home, think again! Rosslee Properties has the best solution for you.

Rosslee Properties aim to make it affordable for young couples, new families and individuals to stay in a beautiful home, even if they are not in the financial position to purchase a property. We own a number of quality, modern and spacious Vaal River Properties to rent, at affordable monthly rates! This means that you don’t have to qualify for a home loan, in order to stay in the property you desire. Simply enter a rental agreement with a trusted homeowner to enjoy your new Vaal River home…

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Flats to Let in Meyerton

Trust Rosslee Properties – Vaal River property rentals in Vanderbijlpark

Rosslee Properties have been in business for many years, starting out as a residential building company. This experience has formed the foundation on which Rosslee Properties stands today. During this time, we gained valuable insights into what residents look for in a property, and quickly identified a need for quality flats, apartments and townhouses for rent for individuals who are unable to buy a home. Within our cluster of rental accommodation, we have different Vaal River Property to rent:

  • Zuurfontein Farm Estate – If you are looking for Vaal River Property to rent with access to the Vaal River, these residential units in Vanderbijlpark are just what you’re looking for. Located in Mantevrede on the outskirts of Vanderbijlpark, this residence offers a quiet and tranquil environment, that is removed from the hustle and bustle of the busy city, but still in close proximity to essential amenities. Zuurfontein Farm Estate comprises of a variety of different rental accommodation options.  From charming one-bedroom units to ultra-luxury three-bedroom houses – choose the rental accommodation in Vanderbijlpark that meets your individual needs.
  • Soetdoring Townhouse Complex – Moving slightly away from the Vaal River banks, another rental property to choose is the Soetdoring Townhouse Complex, also based in Mantevrede. This new development is ideal for the person who enjoys peace and tranquillity, while being close to town. Choose from a number of modern, spacious and quality units, as well as available storage space.

Renting with Rosslee – What we need

Entering a rental agreement with Rosslee is easy. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Please complete our online application form
  2. Send your supporting documents to
  • Copies of ID’s (all adults)
  • 3 Month’s Bank Statements (all adults)
  • 3 Month’s Salary Slips (all adults)
  • Birth Certificates (all children)

Trusted rental accommodation in Vanderbijlpark for Vaal River Property to rent

Rosslee offers a number of Alberton, Meyerton, Vanderbijlpark and Vaal River Property to rent to choose from. Discuss your rental accommodation needs and requirements with a professional team member / homeowner at Rosslee,  and we will advise you on suitable options. Trust Rosslee for:

  • Quality rental accommodation including townhouses and flats to rent that are beautiful and modern
  • Get your quality rental accommodation at an affordable monthly rate
  • Enjoy owner managed units for excellent service
  • Get your dream home without the hefty price tag.
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