Our History

In 1957, Flip Rosslee had to make a number of serious decisions. He had barely survived a disastrous accident that had not just kept him hospitalized for months, but he had also lost his employer and mentor in the same horrific accident.

Being a firm believer that it is better to make the wrong decision fast, than not make a decision at all, Flip started his new building company on 12 December 1957, two days before his wedding.

Rosslee Builders started out building homes on contract for an array of starry-eyed couples, priding itself in delivering modern, yet functional homes for these people to raise a family.

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During the early years, Flip Rosslee realized the need for accommodating people who are not necessarily in a position to afford a permanent residence of their own. Rosslee Builders started to develop a number of residential buildings for this purpose, with the aim to provide modern accommodation that is affordable.

After almost 61 years of dedication, Flip Rosslee passed away on Friday, 5 October 2018.

The legacy will live on through Rosslee that will continue to provide affordable, spacious and high-quality accommodation in the Alberton, Midvaal, and Vaalriver areas.

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