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November 24, 2017
load shedding

It seems that the load shedding threat is not fake news anymore and it is probably here to stay for a while.

On the bright side Eskom supplies us with ample conversation starters and Christmas Gift Ideas.

Click on the links below for applicable load shedding schedules in the areas where Rosslee supplies accommodation:

Are you routing to be the Clever Trevor at the next party?  Visit the Eskom Load Shedding Page for more information on:

  • What load shedding stage are we at?
  • What is load shedding?
  • How do all the stages work?
  • How to interpret the load shedding schedules?
  • And much more.
We can unfortunately not do much about the load shedding situation, but we can minimise damage to ourselves and our electronic equipment.  Click here for information on ‘What to do during Load Shedding’.

Interested in ideas on how to make your own Christmas Load Shedding Gifts?

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